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Choosing The Best Ecig Brand For You  0

2014.01.10 ecigologist 051 Choosing The Best Ecig Brand For You


Electronic cigarette popularity has grown at an incredible rate. Millions of smokers have already switched and more and more brands are entering the market. This is a good thing because now, people have more brands to choose from unlike back then wheen there’s only three E-cig brands. However, with with hundreds of e-cig brands – each offering various options – choosing an e-cigarette could be overwhelming if you’re a first-time vaper. You’ll want to look for the best E-cig brand that will give you the best vaping experience of all. We’re here to help you choose the best E-cig brand around by answering vital questions that needs to be answered before you choose an E-cig brand.

How’s the quality of the E-cig battery?

The battery is the engine that powers and drives your e-cig. Quality is non-negotiable. The battery should be made of only high quality materials and should survive the many bumps and bounces they’ll take while traveling and moving around throughout your day. You’ll want a battery that is reliable and will last you for months. A good battery can last for 6 months up to 18 months depending on the way you will use it.

How many puffs will the battery last?

At the same time, you would also want to choose a battery that last for many puffs so you dont have to charge it over and over again. A good battery should last for about 200-300 puffs, while there are some that last up to 500 puffs.

What e-cig size to choose?

There are many types of E-cigarettes around. Make sure to choose the E-cig that will fit your lifestyle. If you like things simple, easy, and discreet then cig-a-like types are best for you. If you are a beginner but is a heavy smoker, then eGo types are your best bet. If you are looking for more power, thicker vapor and fuller throat hit and you are are somewhat good on figuring out how things work easily, then personal vaporizer types is best for you as they are the most powerful type of E-cig but also the hardest to use.

How many charging options do you need?

You need to choose an e-cig that is easy to charge, with multiple ways of charging it, so you don’t end up with a dead battery and no way to vape. Choose an e-cig that offers a USB charger for charging while using your computer, the usual wall charger so you’ll have something to use while you are at home and just chilling out, car adapter so you can charge while you are at the road and dont forget the Portable Charging Case as this is convenience at its best. With a PCC you have a charging option wherever you will go. Some e-cig brand even also offers Power Cig that allows you to charge while you vape.

Which flavors are offered?

Flavor is important, so important that some vapers quit vaping the moment that they dont like the flavors. Choose an E-cig brand that not only offers a lot of flavors, but quality flavors too. Some brands offer hundreds but quality is too low that not even one flavor can impress you. Some do have a dozen but truly impressive ones. Look for flavors that are rich, authentic, and most importantly, come in a variety of nicotine levels (you can go from 0% nicotine to 2.4%. You might want to try out multiple flavors until you find the ones you like best.

How expensive is it?

There are cheap E-cig brands and there are expensive ones. We at BatesHook.com believe that in life, you usually get what you pay for. If you choose cheap ones, then they are probably subpar and can easily be broken. But if you choose top E-cig brands, which are quite pricey but is high quality, then it will be worth every penny you spent on it. In some case, you’ll be getting more than what you paid for ,including high-quality e-cig products that give you an unmatched vaping experience, sensational flavors, smooth draws and convenience at its best. If you are tight on budget but want to buy those top E-cig brands, then dont worry as there are E-cig coupons to help you get instant discounts. Want a coupon for a discount? We can do that! Here are some coupon codes that we’ve found.

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With hundreds of competing e-cig brands out there, it might look difficult to find the best E-cig brand for you. But after doing your homework and answering the questions above, you’ll see how easy it can be to choose the best E-cig brand. We hope you will make the right choice. Enjoy!

Some E-cig FAQ’s For You  0

2014.01.10 ecigologist 061 Some E cig FAQs For You


There’s a lot of questions floating around about electronic cigarettes. We cant blame the people because E-cigs are fairly new and they really have so many questions about them. So let us kickstart our website by answering a few FAQ’s in the world of vaping. Get a pen and paper and get ready to learn a thing or two with our E-cigs FAQ.

#1. Why do people need to switch to electronic cigarettes?
People need to switch to e-cigs because of different reasons. Some of them switch because E-cigs are odor free. Others because there are no ashes and fire. Some people switch because E-cigs give you freedom to smoke in public places and indoors as they are not under any laws that prohibit it. Some also switch to E-cigarettes because they offer way more styles, colors, flavors and choices than tobacco. Others switch because E-cigarettes are more affordable. Main reason to switch is because E-cigs are tobacco free. Those are just some reasons. There are plenty others that I think the right question should be, “Why shouldn’t you switch?”

2. Are e-cigarettes healthier than tobacco cigarettes?
We are in no position to say E-cig are healthier and FDA is still not giving their final judgment about E-cigs too. We can say though that they contain none of the tobacco or thousands of added chemicals (e-liquids are comprised of less than five ingredients only) that traditional cigarettes contain. That sounds pretty healthier for me.

3. Are e-cigarettes cheaper than traditional?
Definitely Yes! Because E-cigarettes are reusable, you do not need to constantly purchase it like traditional cigarettes. Purchase a starter kit and that can be use for a year or more. Just need to buy flavor cartridges regularly. Another aspect to consider in cost – e-cigs are not taxed like traditional cigarettes, so (at least for now) when you purchase them, you are not paying a huge portion in taxes. You also dont need to buy lighters, gums or expensive colognes (to hide that nasty smell).

4. Where do I purchase a good e-cigarette from?
There’s no doubt about it! V2 cigs got the best products, best variety, best selection, and the best prices on e-cigarettes. And with their advanced vaporizers coming out in the market this month, things will just get better. V2 cigs got the highest quality E-cig, the best flavors, superb customer service, as well as V2 cigs discount coupons. try V2 cigs today and you will not be dissapointed.